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            The NNEK-UNESCO was founded in 1970, and it is the first club in the UNESCO clubs movement in Bulgaria


The Boyana church


            In 1973 after successful participation in the campaign for preservation of the ancient Cartage (Tunisia), the club was declared officially “Club UNESCO”. The activities were under the auspices of the UNESCO Director-General Mr. Rene Maheu, and he gave the idea and the creation of the club logo in person. The logo, the ceremony and the act of declaration as “Club UNESCO” was officially published into the UNESCO adopted program final documents.


            The NNEK-UNESCO activities are focused at:

          - Creating conditions for and contributing to all-round and harmonious development and creative self-expression of its members;

          - Streamlining practical activities to new non-standard directions, to generation and experimental implementation of new forms of research, of methodologies for revealing and developping creative abilities, initiative, entreprise and invention;

          - Promoting, in accordance with the UNESCO principles the international cooperation and understanding, as well as consolidation of peace and security;

          - Assisting, on the basis of the interdisciplinary approach to studies and scientific expeditions, to the education – culture – science synthesis and realization of a concrete contribution in this field;

          - Securing complex conditions of work to individual and collective researches and on the basis of independent plans;

          - Publishing the succeses and achievments and stimulating the contribution in the field of education, science and culture;

          - Enhancing the general background of its members through direct contacts with the rich national and world material and spiritual culture;

          - Providing conditions, through interaction of theory and practice for full accomplishment of its goals by assisting to the professional orientaion and creative self-expression and normal activity of other organizations working in the sphere of education, science and culture;

          - Helping the establishment and development of the UNESCO clubs movement in Bulgaria, as well as their efforts to achieve results of mutual interest on a national and international scale.


The Black Sea


            In 1991, by official recommandation of the Bulgarian National Commision for UNESCO, the NNEK-UNESCO took the name “National” (since 1970 the name was only NEK), and assumed definitely the task to act as a national UNESCO movement representative in all international contacts. The NNEK-UNESCO is assisting the activities of the other Bulgarian UNESCO clubs, and has founded with the help of some Bulgarian national youth organizations two new structures  -  the Bulgarian Association for Cooperation with the UNESCO and the Students’ UNESCO Association.


            The NNEK-UNESCO is a member-founder and represents Republic of Bulgaria in the World Federation of UNESCO Clubs, Centers and Associations (since 1981), and in the European Federation of UNESCO Clubs, Centers and Associations (since 2001). Since 1990 the NNEK-UNESCO is a founder of the EVRIKA foundation -


            By the specificity of its activities in the field of scientific expeditions, the NNEK-UNESCO is unique in the world movement of UNESCO clubs.

           In its long and fruitful history, the NNEK-UNESCO held over 300 scientific youth expeditions, exhibitions, forums, conferences and seminars. Among them also these with such international and scientific importance as that one in Cartage (Tunisia), Cuba, Mosambic, Vietnam. In the archives of the NNEK-UNESCO is conserved a whole treasure of materials for the Bulgarian cultural and natural heritage, collected with the participation of the most eminent Bulgarian and foreign scientists and experts.

           The NNEK-UNESCO used to support during many years the most experienced non-professional diving group for scientific research in Bulgaria, in the fields of marine archaeology and marine biology. The exposition of the museum of the town of Nessebar has been collected during the scientific expeditions of the NNEK-UNESCO. All these results have contribuated this town to be included in the UNESCO World List of Cultural and Natutal Heritage.


            Since the year 1999, the NNEK-UNESCO is co-organizer of the “International center for programs and projects in the field of education, science and culture”, which activities are carried out in the National student house -

             During its long history, the NNEK-UNESCO has always been acting with the entire and full support of the Bulgarian National Commission for UNESCO.


The Pirin mountain



The NNEK-UNESCO is registered upon the Bulgarian Law for Non-Profit organizations


            The Chairman of the Board of Managers is Mr. Kristiyan Kalchev, the Secretary General is Mr. Georgi Gulubov, both elected for five-year mandate by the General Assembly, held in November 2015. Mr. Kristiyan Kalchev and Mr. Georgi Gulubov are inscribed by the Court of Law in Sofia as representative persons for the NNEK-UNESCO, separately.